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Do you use apps like TikTok or Snapchat regularly? No? then you are one of the
best examples of why you need us. The young target group “Generation Z” has different demands on apps, websites and digital media in general.
Therefore it needs a company that appeals to this young target group. Just like you may not be that familiar with memes and current trends in the youth language the younger target group won’t familiarize themselves with more traditional programs such as Excel and Co. That’s why young people like us are needed to create products for the young Generation. We create applications which will actually be used furthermore we help to build a connection to Generation Z and arouse their excitement.








Since 2017 I became passionate about crypto and trading. Tho I’ve always missed a certain transparency, personalization and independence over my cryptocurrencies. That’s why I partnered up with my good friend Sam, he had the vision, passion and skill to create Bittracker, where you can personalize, track and convert your crypto investments into any currency you want. And we do that without even touching you’re crypto at all!  Currently, we are only a Cryptocurrency tracking App but the goal of Bittracker is to educate and inform the general public about crypto. So be excited about the future!man-holding-iphone-x.png

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I am a passionate Gamer and I always wanted to share the experience and passion I have for video games with others. Nowadays it is hard to find a game that excites you right away or that gives you an incredible experience. As well there are many online stores that offer the same game at different prices. The goal of Gamechecker is to make the market transparent and to find for every individual their personal game that excites and gives them an incredible experience.



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Since the 01.08.2013 I streamed on Twitch my favourite Games as Its_EnTriX . Within two years I grew my channel from 1 viewer per stream to 200 viewers, I started social media pages, engaged with my community and worked every day on how I could get more followers and improve my viewing rates. The result until now is 600 Followers and 4.424 visitors in total

Its_EnTriX Channel