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The consulting startup agenZy was founded in February 2019 and since then has been the response to the calls for help from traditional companies and institutions to reach the Generation Z. agenZy is an LLC and officially registered trademark. Our young team consists of founders, designers and strategists and in combination with our design thinking approach, we can give an individual answer to every single challenge. This is how agenZy makes brands, political organizations, institutions and companies that want to reach young people successful.



Staring in 2017 with my friend Sam Eckert I became passionate about crypto and trading. Before everybody was talking about Bitcoin and the big hype we did buy a few. Tho we’ve always missed certain transparency, personalization and independence. We had to convert the Us Dollar rate for 1 Bitcoin into the Euro rate and then divide the amount through the actual Bitcoin amount we owned and that all by hand with a calculator. So we developed and founded the first tracking and converting App for IOS  where you can personalize your crypto investments into any currency you want and any amount. Bittracker was born. It started small but when the hype around Bitcoin started the App and the downloads changed quickly. We especially focused on Customers of our Generation the Gen Z. Because of this we use a lot of emojis in our App and managed to create with several new features a huge social media hype. Our APP exploded in a day, we got media coverage by NBC, CNN, the Verge, Tech Crunch, etc., we’re #1 in Business in the APP Store, had hundreds of downloads and Facebook invited us personally to the F8 by offering us a scholarship to the Silicon Valley. By understanding and focussing on our Generation we distinguished ourselves more and more from our competitors and their serious approach to trading with crypto.  man-holding-iphone-x.png



Gamechecker was my first strategical attempt of creating a scalable Business and a Brand. With 15 I wrote my first Business plan for Gamechecker. But I had a lack of Know-How in how to develop an App, build and maintain a business and manage all together. So I gained knowledge besides school, I interned at one of the biggest Media production companies in Stuttgart and convinced the CEO of personally working for him. With 16 I then already managed entire projects for clients like AMG, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and rapidly expanded my knowledge from day today. Besides the internship, school and Gamechecker I then registered my first own german Trademark for Gamechecker (It still hangs on the Wall in pride). After I ended my internship which I left with a lot of new Know-How and BtB experience I noticed my lack of talent for coding and that my idea became from day to day more outdated. So I decided to refocus, reallocate and use my newly learned skills even better to focus on my strengths, creativity and strategy. But I still needed a developer and that is when I met Sam. But what was the concept behind Gamechecker?

I designed a Plattform which would not only find you the cheapest deals on Games for the PS4, Xbox or PC but would as well offer a personalised subscription in which a Game was monthly selected for the customer which they could download for free. Because it is hard to find a game that excites you right away or that gives you an incredible experience the subscription opened new genres to average gamers.



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Since the 15.11.2013 I streamed on Twitch my favourite Games as Its_EnTriX. This was the start of my first brand and business at 14 without even knowing. Since the beginning, I was obsessed with my channels and brands perception, reputation and quality. Starting with 0 followers on an early stage streaming platform in 2013, was very hard but worth it. I very quickly learned how to use social media to gain traffic through every way possible and consistently developed and improved my streaming quality, website appearance and social appearance. From day to day I became more and more competitive, even when other channels with the name of my brand appeared I was more than able to defend my reputation. Within one year I grew my channel from 0 viewers per stream to 200 viewers and created an entire operational team working on a freelancer base. I had a designer, a videographer and a friend at my school that I paid to post updates every time a day and engages with my community 24/7.

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