Hi, my name is Paul Reichardt. Why did I create this website? Well, I wanted to share my newest projects, my designs and my passion for gaming. But especially I wanted to share my enthusiasm, for entrepreneurship in the Tech-Sector, which I have since I am 15 years old. So be excited about new upcoming projects.

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Do you use apps like TikTok or Snapchat regularly? No? then you are one of the
best examples of why you need us. The young target group “Generation Z” has different demands on apps, websites and digital media in general.
Therefore it needs a company that appeals to this young target group. Just like you may not be that familiar with memes and current trends in the youth language the younger target group won’t familiarize themselves with more traditional programs such as Excel and Co. That’s why young people like us are needed to create products for the young Generation. We create applications which will actually be used furthermore we help to build a connection to Generation Z and arouse their excitement.











So you bought a cryptocurrency… what now? Say WHADDUP to Bittracker!

Wanna see how much money your Bitcoin amount is worth?! Well, now you can! And you don’t need to transfer your coins from different wallets! It must be so tiring counting how many Bitcoins you have and have to add up your multiple wallets just to see the price! With Bittracker, simply enter the number of Bitcoins you own and you’ll get the current value of your Bitcoins updating every 60 seconds!

Simply enter how much Bitcoin you have and you’ll see how much it’s worth! No personal information needed! The ALL IN ONE Bitcoin tracker! Is that it? NOPE! You don’t even have to open the app! Just swipe down from the Notification Center or 3D Touch on the App Icon to see what the current Bitcoin price is and how much your amount is worth! But wait… maybe you’re too lazy to pull out your phone. No worries, just glance down at your wrist and you can see the same information on your Watch within the Watch app or on your watch face complication.








Gamechecker is a platform that helps gamers find good, individual and affordable games by providing an overview of all offers on games, coins, and disc





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